We are super excited to launch the Staked ETH Covered Call Vault today! To learn more about how it works, read this blog post first.

To start, the vault will be capped to 1,000 ETH and the capacity will be raised in the next few weeks if it gets hit.

Start depositing ETH or stETH here today!

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TL;DR Funds are safe. There was a bug in the Ribbon v2 vaults where the vaults overcharged the vault fee on the first week of the user’s deposit, even when the users’ funds were not used to write options yet.

The DAO Treasury has initiated a series of transactions to…

One of the best and most reliable ways to earn yield on ETH is through staking it on ETH2. Over the last year, there has been a wave of new DeFi projects building staking derivatives, meaning users can own tokens that represent their staked ETH — allowing them to use…

Today we are excited to announce our non-BTC/ETH Ribbon Vault — the AAVE Covered Call vault.

This vault runs a very similar strategy to our ETH Covered Call vault. It sells out of the money call options on a weekly basis, and compounds the premiums into the following week. This way, users can generate high yield on AAVE.

We have currently capped the vault to 15.5K AAVE (~$5m) and will be expanding the vault capacity when it gets hit in the next few weeks.

Go to our app today to start depositing! The strategy officially will start on 5th November, around 11am UTC. The vaults are currently open for deposits before then.

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Covered Calls are one of the most popular yield strategies in tradfi — they allow people to generate income on their assets by selling upside volatility. …

The focus of Ribbon V2 is centered around decentralization of the protocol. In its current state, the V2 Vaults require zero human operations and are fully self-driving. This transforms Ribbon from a platform that offers managed financial products to autonomous code on Ethereum.

As we move into this new paradigm…

Today we are super excited to launch the first 2 Ribbon V2 Vaults — an ETH Covered Call Vault, and WBTC Covered Call Vault. Due to the highly experimental nature of these new vaults, we are starting with a very conservative vault capacity to begin with and expand over time.

One of the most significant improvements in Ribbon V2 is the automation of Strike Selection within the Ribbon vaults. In V1, each vault had a “manager” who would select which strike price the vault use for selling options every week. While this worked reasonably well for the 4 months that…

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