Ribbon OG NFT

The focus of Ribbon V2 is centered around decentralization of the protocol. In its current state, the V2 Vaults require zero human operations and are fully self-driving. This transforms Ribbon from a platform that offers managed financial products to autonomous code on Ethereum.

As we move into this new paradigm, we’re excited to reveal a new logo for the Ribbon App — marking a clear distinction between the Protocol and the App. The protocol is autonomous code, governed by $RBN holders. The app is our way of building the best possible experience to access the protocol.

The Grid

The motivation behind the Ribbon App logo was two-fold:

  • We wanted the logo to capture the essence of the app in the simplest possible terms. The grid communicates the idea of structured products and DeFi composability in a way that we feel is intuitive.

Ribbon OG NFT

To mark this point in our history, we’re saving 3,284 versions of the original logo on-chain. Each logo is represented by a commemorative NFT that can be claimed by anyone who interacted with the Ribbon vaults before block 13300682.

There are 5 different colorways, where the color is determined by your first transaction into the Ribbon Vaults.

Click here to claim it.

Crypto structured products on Ethereum 🎀

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