The focus of Ribbon V2 is centered around decentralization of the protocol. In its current state, the V2 Vaults require zero human operations and are fully self-driving. This transforms Ribbon from a platform that offers managed financial products to autonomous code on Ethereum.

As we move into this new paradigm, we’re excited to reveal a new logo for the Ribbon App — marking a clear distinction between the Protocol and the App. The protocol is autonomous code, governed by $RBN holders. The app is our way of building the best possible experience to access the protocol.

The Grid

The motivation behind the Ribbon App logo was two-fold:

  • We wanted the logo to capture the essence of the app in the simplest possible terms. The grid communicates the idea of structured products and DeFi composability in a way that we feel is intuitive.
  • As we were exploring concepts for the logo, we continued to be inspired by the way retrofuturistic depictions of the future use light to represent the liveness of software. The particles of light in the grid conveys an energy that mirrors that of the protocol’s smart contracts

Ribbon OG NFT

To mark this point in our history, we’re saving 3,284 versions of the original logo on-chain. Each logo is represented by a commemorative NFT that can be claimed by anyone who interacted with the Ribbon vaults before block 13300682.

There are 5 different colorways, where the color is determined by your first transaction into the Ribbon Vaults.

Click here to claim it.

Crypto structured products on Ethereum 🎀

Crypto structured products on Ethereum 🎀