Ribbon Treasury Launch Partner: Perpetual Protocol

Ribbon Treasury is Live

Custom Strategy for Perpetual

  1. Monthly expiries
    Instead of weekly expiries like Ribbon’s retail product, we have customized this vault to have monthly expiries — this lets the vault earn more premiums by selling longer-dated call options.
  2. 25% OTM strike selection
    Instead of the 10 delta methodology that the Ribbon’s retail products use, we have instead tweaked the strategy to sell call options 25% out of the money.
  3. Premiums paid in USDC instead of PERP
    Instead of having the premiums of the vault paid out in the same deposit currency, premiums for this vault are paid out in USDC. This lets Perpetual’s Treasury generate income that they can use to fund operations without having to sell PERP.

Seeded with >$1m of PERP

Looking Forward



Crypto structured products on Ethereum 🎀

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