Staked Ribbon (sRBN)

Vote Locking and Reward Boosting

  • More voting power (e.g the ability to control which vaults rewards accrue to, a la the infamous Curve gauge weight vote)
  • Boosting of future RBN rewards
  • Outsized proportion of protocol revenue
  1. Vault Deposit Incentives
    We will soon propose a new revamped RBN emissions program, but which vault these rewards go to will be controlled by sRBN holders — this aligns users of the platform with long-term RBN stakers. For example, large depositors in the ETH Covered Call vault may choose to acquire and stake RBN to acquire as much voting power as possible to redirect emissions into that vault.
  2. Permissionless Vaults
    The Ribbon protocol will also support permissionless vaults in the future — anyone will be able to create their own Ribbon Vault that supports any asset or any strategy. In this universe, people can also acquire and stake RBN to bootstrap their vault and redirect more people to use it.

Protocol Backstop

1. Smart contract exploits

2. Huge vault losses

Timelines and Launch


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